<Most of Apple users might face the problem where some iOS data like Call logs, Reminders cannot be recovered with some iPhone Data Recovery Software after iOS device upgraded to latest Apple mobile system iOS13. However, you don't need to worry because here in this tutorial we will show you a handy solution to help restore your call logs, reminders in iOS 13. The only thing you need to do is encrypt your local backup file and load it on Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery Software. HOW TO ENCRYPT LOCAL BACKUP FILES USING ITUNES Step 1. Visit the official Apple iTunes website: https://www.apple.com/us/itunes/. Download Apple iTunes by computer system: Mac or Windows. Step 2. Once the installation is complete, Launch iTunes and Connect the Apple device to the computer. Click the Device icon located in the upper left corner in iTunes. Step 3. Go to the Summary menu and under Backup, check Encrypt Local Backup. Then, enter Password to protect local backup and click Set Password. Step 4. Once you have done all the previous steps, iTunes will immediately encrypt all your backup data. Be sure to check that the data is encrypted. Select Preferences/Devices from the iTunes bar. You will see a lock icon next to the encrypted iTunes backup data. FUNCTION OF CLICKING BACKUP ENCRYPT IPHONE In theory, you can always uncheck encrypted iTunes backup whenever you want, but sometimes there are issues you might find. The Encrypt Local Backup box is clicked, therefore, you are not allowed to disable encrypted backups. This is a frustrating problem because you won't be able to get access to the backup as well as make changes with it. Here's how you can do so that you regain access to your encrypted iTunes backup. Step 1: Click Settings in your iPhone menu.. Step 2: In the drop down menu appearing on the screen, select the General bar. Step 3: In the Profile bar, select your current profile and Delete your current profile to restore your iTunes backup. After that, you will actually be able to get access to the encrypted iTunes backup. | Tips Application